Americana Power Pop


It all started with being tired

Tired of playing the same bar music crap and folks screaming "Free Bird".  From the very first rehearsal, The Maldens dedicated themselves to the creative process of writing, arranging, recording and performing without compromise.  

The original lineup of Terence Kirby (vocals), Ray Himmer (Bass), Tim Sweeney (Drums), Scip Gallant (B3) and Stan Chew (vocals and guitars) met in a fish shack on an island behind Hampton Beach NH and started writing and forging a sound that mixed RnB with power-pop and Americana well before it was Americana.   


Quickly, The Maldens developed a reputation as a crack recording band that led to backing some of Boston's staple players.  The benefit in backing others was honing their chops in the studio while they were busy writing their first album, Taming The Rhinovirus.  The album, recorded at the infamous Bunkhouse Studio by Jim Tierney and released by Go To Your Room records ( ) was well received.  Taming enjoyed rave reviews from The Phoniex and other Boston area media outlets which led to the The Maldens gaining a seat at the table of the bigger and better Boston clubs.  If you listen to Taming The Rhinovirus today, it sounds as fresh and relevant as it did when produced in 1991.   

Performing and Recording

While The Maldens performances evolved and led to larger and larger venues in Boston, their home base was a small bar in Hampton Beach, the legendary Hang Five.  Owned and operated by Josh Belman (aka JB), the performances were intimate and the setting perfect for testing out new music and styles.  While these performances were inspiring for audiences and The Maldens alike, they led to a shift in The Maldens direction to principally being a studio band where they could exercise their passion for writing and recording.  After testing out almost every studio in the north east, they found a home with Bob Catalano of BobCat Studios where they started work on their 2nd album, Tin Fish.  By this time, The Maldens line up had changed to include John McCreary (Drums) and Stan Chew took over the vocal duties due to Terence Kirby's departure.  

The Hiatus

Stan Chew, the principal writer, had an opportunity to move overseas and travel globally, a life long passion of his.  While he didn't anticipate this would last 15 years, it did.  Through it all, the band stayed in touch and Stan continued to write music specifically for The Maldens.  Stan returned in 2018 and immediately, The Maldens started playing and fell back into evolving their sound.

Today...2019 and beyond

Today, The Maldens are busy re-releasing Taming The Rhinovirus and working on their next album with Go To Your Room Records, expected for release in the fall of 2019.  Their sound ranges from Americana to full throttle power-pop - a sound they call Americana Power-Pop.     


Go To Your Room Records

GTYR records is an independent label that focuses on Americana music.  The label, based in New Hampshire, features a select collection of musicians and bands known for innovation and a commitment to excellence in song writing, music craft and performance.